Discount Fumot 15K Puffs of Randm Bulk Price sales


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Discount Fumot 15K Puffs of Randm Bulk Price sales

Discount Fumot 15K Puffs of Randm Bulk Price sales is a famous brand, and tornado 15k is one of its products, with 15000 puffs. The main configuration is a large 850 mAh battery, which can support users for a long time. The charging interface is Type-C, and the charging speed is fast. Randm tornado 15000 puffs has 41 flavors, nicotine is 2% and 5%, and the e-liquid of 15k tornado of Randm is 25ml, which allows users to experience long-term electronic cigarette enjoyment.

Randm 15000 puffs wholesale price

Format of Randm tornado 15k vapes:

2/5% Nicotine:2% is lowest nicotine

25 ML of E-liquid:The amount of oil is enough to content the user

15000 Puffs:puffs is rely on user choose

Battery Rechargeable (Type-C):charge convenient

850mAh Battery:reduce charging times

41 Flavors:Variety of flavors

Flavor List of Randm 15k Puffs:

1 Blue Razz Lemonade
2 Peach Ice
3 Sour Apple
4 Watermelon Ice
5 Blueberry On Ice
6 Blueberry Raspberry
7 Pineapple Ice
8 Cherry
9 Strawberry Ice
10 Vimto
11 Grape Ice
12 Cola Ice
13 Strawberry Watermelon
14 Pink Lemonade
15 Mixed Berry
16 Peach Mango
17.Dragon fruit
18.Strawberry grape
19.Mr blue
20.Lush Ice pop
22.Strawberry kiwi
23.Kiwi passion fruit guava
24.Triple berry
25.Banana ice
26.Peach blueberry candy
27.Apple Peach Pear
28.Berry Lemonade
29.Blue Razz Cherry
30.Blueberry Bubblegum
31.Blueberry Cherry Cranberry
32.Blueberry Pomegranate
33.Bluesour Raspberry
34.Cherry Cola
35.Gummy Bear
36.Lemon & Lime
37.Mango On ice
38.Red Energy Ice
39.Strawberry Banana
40.Strawberry Red Bull
41.Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade

Questions you may want to learn of tornado 15k puffs:

A.The Minimum order quantity(MOQ)of Randm tornado 15k vape is

This moq is 50pcs for vape 15k puffs of Randm tornado,if you want more details,pls contact me via WhatsApp(+86 178 4085 3976)

B.Can Randm tornado 15k puffs shipped to my country?

Of course!randm 15000 can be shipped to your country,we ship to Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, Lithuania, Sweden, Italy, France, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, etc.

C.How long does tornado of Randm 15k puffs take the package arrive in your address?

Normally,It takes 13-19 days for the goods to deliver to the address which you provided.

D.How can I know my cigarette is empty?

When the vape tornado 15000 puffs can’t smoke out, it said that is use up.

E.How is the best way to use this Randm 15k of Randm vape?

Best use: inhale continuously for 2~3 seconds and stay in the mouth for 5 seconds.

F.How old can place an order for Randm tornado 15000 puffs vape?

Only allowed over 21 years old to place an order.


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Choose Your Flavors

1.Cool Mint
2.Cola Ice
3.Watermelon Ice
4.Grape Ice
5.Blueberry Ice
6.Mango Peach Pineapple
7.Strawberry Watermelon Ice
8.Guava Ice
10.Ice Red Apple
11.Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
12.Strawberry Ice
13.Mixed Fruit
14.Mango Strawberry Ice
15.Lychee Ice